Testosterone supplement lawsuits consolidated in Chicago court

Pharmaceutical company accused of misleading patients on health risks

A number of lawsuits against a testosterone-replacement maker have been consolidated in a Chicago court, according to the Lawyer Herald. The lawsuits, against a Chicago-based company, claim that the testosterone supplement company misled consumers about their product's risk for heart disease during a multi-million dollar marketing campaign. The lawsuit follows similar lawsuits against other testosterone-replacement manufacturers in other jurisdictions.

Company misled consumers

The lawsuits claim that the pharmaceutical company engaged in an $80-million campaign to promote its testosterone-replacement product as a way of boosting energy and renewing men's sex drive. The claim states that the manufacturer pushed its product on consumers while downplaying the product's risk of heart attacks and strokes.

The court decided to consolidate the lawsuits since the two defendants named in the suit, one of which is a spinoff company of the other company, are both based in the Chicago area. The court reasoned that since the lawsuits contained similar claims, it would improve efficiency to have the lawsuits consolidated. While there are currently only 45 lawsuits against this particular product so far, the consolidation could lead to thousands of other suits against other manufacturers also being consolidated, according to Bloomberg.

Testosterone risk highlighted

The news of this lawsuit consolidation follows warnings raised about the potential dangers of taking testosterone-replacement products. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently announced that it would re-examine the safety of testosterone supplements in light of evidence showing that the medication could lead to heart attacks and strokes in men.

The consolidation is likely to bring extra skepticism to the so-called 'Low-T' pharmaceutical industry. Other testosterone-replacement manufacturers have also been accused of engaging in misleading marketing. Advertisements for the products often encourage men to talk to their doctors about vaguely described conditions, such as low energy and lack of vitality. As one Boston-based lawyer said, the conditions are often contrived and end up subjecting men to a supplement that could prove dangerous to their health.

Dangerous products

The above case shows just how important health and safety is, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. When people take a medication prescribed by their doctor they usually assume that it is for a medically valid health condition. As this story shows, however, some pharmaceutical companies may try to pressure consumers into buying a product simply as a way of increasing profits.

Anybody who has been the victim of a dangerous pharmaceutical drug or any other defective product should contact a personal injury lawyer right away. A highly experienced lawyer can use his expertise to help make sure that manufacturers are held to account for their decisions and that victims receive the compensation they deserve.