Defending Our Clients Against Drug Charges

Here in Illinois, even minor drug offenses can carry serious, long-term penalties. When a conviction for a drug crime has been entered on a person's record, it not only comes with fines and jail time — it can also affect career and educational opportunities for years to come.

The Peoria law firm of Schierer & Ritchie, LLC, is prepared to assist clients with drug charges ranging from simple possession to intent to distribute. No matter what charges you face, we strive to find the resolution that will have the smallest effect on your life.

We always examine evidence and witness testimony to seek out ways we can assist our clients. If we spot weaknesses or inaccuracies in the state's case, we know how to use the situation to your advantage.

Seeking Out Alternative Resolutions

Even when it is not possible to see charges dropped, defense attorneys still play an important role in their client's futures. At Schierer & Ritchie, LLC, we strive to find resolutions that will not affect our clients' criminal records.

For example, under Illinois law, first-time nonviolent offenders can enter into a special probationary program that stands in place of a conviction. This program seeks to rehabilitate first-time offenders, rather than punish them. As long as the participant respects the terms of the probation, no conviction will be entered into his or her record.

Get An Experienced Attorney On Your Side

Our Peoria drug crime lawyers have over 20 years of collective experience helping clients pursue favorable resolutions to their drug crime issues. To contact our law firm, fill out our online form, or call 309-270-1742 or 800-610-9425.