Defending Against Violent Crime Charges

Violent crimes are among the most heavily punished offenses in America. If you have been accused of committing a violent crime, then you are facing very serious criminal charges. These charges likely call for significant jail time, heavy fines and a lengthy probation period.

Defending against a violent crime charge can be a difficult task. Those involved with the prosecution sometimes have a tendency to pre-judge those accused of crimes, and push forward with unfair assumptions in their mind. In some cases, prosecutors fail to keep an open mind to new possibilities, making the process more difficult for those accused of a violent crime.

At Schierer & Ritchie, LLC, in Peoria, we make it our priority to protect the rights of our clients, ensuring that they receive a fair and unbiased trial. Everyone deserves a chance to defend himself or herself in court. We make sure that our clients get that chance.

Aggressively Challenging The Other Side's Case

When the state brings charges against an Illinois resident, they have to meet the burden of proof — that is, they have to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Not all prosecutors can meet this standard in every case.

At Schierer & Ritchie, LLC, we force the state to prove that it has fulfilled the burden of proof. We do this by challenging evidence, questioning witnesses and examining all elements of the prosecutor's case. If we find holes or gaps in the prosecutor's allegations, we know how to exploit these opportunities to our client's advantage. It is a system we have used many times in the past at both the trial and appellate levels of the court system. In fact, our attorneys have even successfully defended a client before the Illinois Supreme Court.

Contact A Peoria Criminal Defense Attorney

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