Skilled Advocacy For Auto Accident Victims

If you have been injured in a car accident in Peoria or elsewhere in Illinois, it is easy to feel as though you have lost control of your future. Your accident may have forced you to change your lifestyle, to miss key events in your family's life or to switch careers. You may still be suffering from the lingering pain and disability resulting from the accident.

If another driver's negligence has left you with a serious injury, you have a right to seek compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Let Schierer & Ritchie, LLC, help you.

Looking At The Whole Picture

Many people assume that a lawsuit will only pay for the victim's medical bills. The fact is, however, the effects of an accident stretch far beyond hospital visits and medication costs.

In many cases, the mental stress and anguish can be as difficult to cope with as the injury itself. An accident can also force changes in a victim's lifestyle. You might have missed work after the accident, causing you to lose income and miss opportunities in the workplace. The collision may have also robbed you of the ability to do some of the things you enjoy, like walking your dog or playing sports. Even simple, everyday tasks, like picking up your kids after school, can be affected by a car accident injury.

At Schierer & Ritchie, LLC, we look beyond the medical bills to see exactly how the accident has affected your life. If you have been injured by a negligent driver, one of our attorneys can meet with you one-on-one to discuss your experiences and answer any questions you may have. Then, if you choose to pursue a personal injury case, our law firm will aggressively seek out compensation for the total effect that the car crash has had on your life — not just the physical injuries.

Regain Control Over Your Life

Our Peoria car accident lawyers have extensive experience helping Illinois car accident victims seek compensation for their injuries. To schedule a free consultation, contact us online, or call us at 309-270-1742 or 800-610-9425. We will gladly set up an appointment at a time and place that suits your schedule. Evening and weekend appointments are also available.