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How to Stay Safe at the Summer Camp Music Festival

The Summer Camp™ Music Festival ( is scheduled this weekend in Chillicothe. From May 25th to the 27th, Three Sisters Park on the north end of town will host the large scale event. Thousands of people are expected to attend for good music and good times.

However, please do not forget to take care of yourself while attending the Summer Camp Music Festival. Giant events can be dangerous if you do not know how to prepare, or what signs of trouble to spot. To keep yourself and your loved ones safe, it helps to know a few safety tips ahead of time.

Five must-know hints about Summer Camp Music Festival safety:

  1. Stay hydrated: The number one danger at multiday outdoor events like the Summer Camp Music Festival is dehydration. The weather forecast for this weekend has highs in the 90s. You must drink water more regularly than normal to avoid dehydration, which can cause weakness, unconsciousness, and worse. Sodas and alcoholic drinks do not count as “water” and usually further dehydrate you.
  2. Sun protection: Exposure to the elements can also cause serious sunburns, which further contribute to your chances of becoming dehydrated. Dress in a way that covers most of your skin but does not overheat you. Use ample sunscreen wherever your skin is exposed. Reapply sunscreen once every three hours, or whenever necessary.
  3. Practice good hygiene: Illnesses are rampant at events with thousands of people. It might be hard to avoid someone coughing or sneezing in your direction, but you can take steps to protect yourself from germs with good hygiene. Wash your hands routinely, as well as before and after you eat anything. Also, inspect any food before eating it. Food trucks and stations at outdoor events might not be up to official health and safety codes.
  4. Aid stations: Know the locations of any aid stations at the Summer Camp Music Festival. You should know where first aid stations are located in case you get injured or start showing the symptoms of dehydration. You should also know where to go to speak with security or a police officer in case a rowdy guest wants to cause trouble.
  5. Say no to drugs: The Summer Camp Music Festival will likely have a handful of people looking to illegally sell or distribute narcotics to guests. In fact, you can expect a police presence keeping an eye open for these people. Never accept or use any drug you are offered at a festival. In recent years, inadvertent fatal overdoses are on the rise due to street-level opioids being laced with fentanyl, a substance that is potent enough to kill an adult with just a 3-milligram dose.
If you run into legal trouble at the Summer Camp Music Festival, such as being arrested for drug crimes after accepting a narcotic from a stranger at the event, come to Schierer & Ritchie, LLC. Our Peoria criminal defense lawyers have experience assisting people fight their charges and protect their rights after an incident at the event, as it was hosted in the same park in past years. For more information about our legal services, call (309) 518-1007 to request a free case evaluation .