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What to Do if Your Child Was Arrested for Drugs At Summer Camp Music Festival

From Friday, May 25th, 2018 to Saturday, May 27th, Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, Peoria County hosted the Summer Camp™ Music Festival. This festival is known for attracting juveniles, youths, and young adults for two things: trending music and access to illegal substances, like marijuana and ecstasy. The police know as much and crawl the event regularly to arrest juveniles and adults alike for serious drug crimes, like possession, sale, and trafficking.

Was your child arrested for a drug crime while attending the Summer Camp Music Festival? The penalties they could face if convicted can range from significant to severe. When a juvenile is convicted of a drug crime, the chances of them being accepted by employers and educational institutions are dramatically reduced for as long as the mark exists on their criminal record. You need to take fast action to help protect their rights and their future wellbeing.

When you are notified that your child has been arrested at the music festival, you should:

  1. Call a Peoria County criminal defense lawyer: The first thing to do is getting a legal professional on your side who knows how to approach juvenile and drug crime charges carefully. If your child has been arrested at the Summer Camp Music Festival but has not yet been charged for a crime, then your criminal defense lawyer might be able to find a way for your child to be released from custody without charges ever being filed.
  2. Pick up your child: If your child is still detained or incarcerated for drug charges, you should get to them as soon as possible. You might be able to pay to release them on bail if they were charged with a serious crime, like drug trafficking. For juveniles charged with drug possession without the intent to distribute, it is possible they might be released into your custody for free; all you need to do is show up and prove you are the minor’s parent.
  3. Leave the festival: As much fun as it might be to attend the Summer Camp Music Festival, staying at it after your child is arrested for a drug crime is not the best idea. The police might notice your child still in attendance after being released and find reasons to get suspicious, possibly resulting in another detainment. The correct move is going home and working with your drug crimes lawyer on your defense case.

(You can learn more about the Summer Camp Music Festival by clicking here and visiting the event’s official website.)

Schierer & Ritchie, LLC and our Peoria drug crime attorneys are here to help you and your child stand up for your rights. After your child is arrested for a drug crime at the Summer Camp Music Festival, call (309) 518-1007 immediately to retain the services of our law firm. As this is not the first time this music festival has come to Peoria County, we have seen and managed cases much likes yours in the past. We know what steps to take to ensure your child’s charges are challenged efficiently. We can even handle cases for out-of-state visitors who were arrested at the festival.

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